Top 5 under $55: Custom Corporate Gifts for the Holiday Season

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holiday corporate gift

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start searching for the perfect holiday custom corporate gift to show your appreciation for your employees, clients, bosses and more. Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts is here to work with you to find the perfect custom corporate gift that meets both your timeline and your individualized needs. How… Read more »

Corporate Gift Giving for the Event

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Custom Gift for National Gallery of Art

Corporate gift giving can capture the spirit and idea behind any event, allowing attendees to be reminded of the experience and how much they enjoyed it long after it has ended.   Corporate gift giving can strengthen business relationships and convey appreciation to employees. The opportunities the act of gifting presents are endless. Tips for… Read more »

How a Corporate Gift can Help Tell the Story

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corporate gifts

Part 1: Corporate Gifts for Companies The corporate gift is an amazing vehicle for “Telling the Story” you want to share with your employees, customers, partners etc. The story might reflect your company’s history, culture or product. By designing a Corporate Gift around the concept/ story, one can reinforce the message you wish to share…. Read more »

The Benefits of Corporate Gift Giving

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Corporate Gift Giving

As corporate gift giving becomes a more common practice, how can you maximize the benefits of gifting? Why is Corporate Gift Giving Important? Corporate gift giving allows you to nurture and grow client relationships. However, corporate gifting has become arguably too common around the holidays. So many companies send holiday gifts to their clients that… Read more »

The NRF 2018 Big Show

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I recently attended the NRF Big Show in NYC, I came away with a very stimulating and thoughtful overview of the state of retail. Technology is certainly upending our industry. This year there was a lot of talk on the impact of artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented and virtual reality. The question in my mind has become,… Read more »