June 7, 2018

Part 1: Corporate Gifts for Companiescorporate gift

The corporate gift is an amazing vehicle for “Telling the Story” you want to share with your employees, customers, partners etc.

The story might reflect your company’s history, culture or product.

By designing a Corporate Gift around the concept/ story, one can reinforce the message you wish to share.

This can be done using historic images, modeling buildings and sculpture. We can even create a small hardcover book of your history for under $10.00!

This concept became crystal clear to me after I heard Doug McMillon Chairman of Walmart speak about how he thought Walmart won deploying technology but was defined by their culture and history. It was this that was the magic ingredient to their success.

Later I was given the book “Founder’s Mentality” which makes the economic case for Company’s deploying their culture and history of their Founder as an asset to inspire employees and clients.

It is these stories which can enhance trust, inspire employees and truly reveal the depth and richness of the company spirit.

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