Providing an Appropriate and Thoughtful Diplomatic Gift That Delights Is A True Skill

A diplomatic gift or gift of state is one of the more difficult gifts to give because you want to ensure that the recipient receives it respectfully. There is a lot of protocol and history unique to each particular diplomatic exchange, which is why it is imperative that you give a gift that will build and strengthen your relationship.

History has shown us plenty of diplomatic gifting faux pas. We are here to help!

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The symbolism behind diplomatic gifts

Diplomatic gifts are often considered a symbol of cherished friendship and respect, and the right gift can potentially seal long-lasting relationships. However, an inappropriate gift, even if well meant, can also send the wrong message.

It is imperative to fully understand the culture with which you are engaging in order to give a heartfelt and memorable gift.

Pandas: The most popular diplomatic gift to date?

Diplomatic gifts have run the gamut, from extremely extravagant, such as the ruby and diamond jewelry set for Michelle Obama from Saudi Arabia, to the fun and unexpected, such as ‘Panda Diplomacy,’ where China sends pandas to zoos around the world as special thank you gifts.

In 1972, the Chinese government sent two pandas, Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, to the U.S. where First Lady Pat Nixon welcomed them at the National Zoo in an official ceremony. An estimated 1.1 million visitors went to see them the first year they were there.

The pandas were wildly popular, and this heartfelt diplomatic gift was seen evidence of China’s eagerness to establish official relations with the U.S. Overall, the pandas were an enormous diplomatic success.

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