March 26, 2020

Corporate Christmas Gift IdeasYour board members are a vital part of your company. They help make important decisions and lead the way so that your company can be successful. When the time comes to give them a gift you want to find something that’s meaningful and strikes the right tone for the occasion.

Need a Board Member Gift ASAP?


Where to Start When Choosing a Great Gift for Board Members

A corporate gift can be a great tool to show employees, clients, and board members how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. When you’re choosing a gift there are several factors you should consider:

  • The occasion– The occasion in which you give your gift is just as important as the gift itself. Will you be giving the gift in front of a large audience or in a more private setting. Is the gift to recognize them for an anniversary or a major project they’ve completed? These factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a gift.
  • The message you want to send– You’ll want to consider the message you’re giving off. Is it a serious occasion or a joyful fun party? We can help you craft a message that’s appropriate and find the perfect gift to get that message across.
  • Your relationship– Consider your relationship with the recipient. If you have a close personal relationship you could consider something that reflects the relationship you have built and anything meaningful you could reference. If your relationship is more professional consider what they’ve brought to the company and how you want to show appreciation on behalf of the entire company.
  • Your budget– Budget can be a touchy subject but the experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts have worked with budgets of all sizes. We can help craft something grand or something smaller that still has an impact.

Choose Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts to Help You Find a Great Gift for Board Members

Our team has decades of experience helping out clients find gifts for employees, board members, diplomats, clients, and more. We’ll discuss your budget, timeline, who the gift is for, and the message you’d like your gift to send. We aim to make the process as simple as possible for you while still crafting a gift that leaves a good impression on your recipient and shows them how much you care.

To talk with one of our experts about your gift for a board member call us at (202) 965-9736 or click here.