The history and culture of gifting may vary globally but at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts we will help you navigate different traditions and standards to produce the best results. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your gift performs and produces the exact outcome desired.

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Creating Mutual Respect

Regardless of whether the occasion for your gift is of a diplomatic or business nature, respect is key to a positive outcome. The right gift communicates that you hold the receiver in high esteem.

We work carefully with our clients to ensure that all gifts meet the standards of the situation so that the gift matches the occasion and in doing so accurately reflects the relationship between the two parties.

Establishing Trust

Often, gifting is customary when two parties are coming together to build a relationship and no relationship is stable without trust. The underlying message of a perfectly crafted gift is to communicate thoughtfulness and sense of who you are as a person.

When our clients approach us for a gift and they know that they are establishing trust, we start with a careful consultation about the nature of the rapport to determine what is the status of the current relationship and how we can, through the gifting process, bring that relationship to one of confidence and understanding.

Setting the Tone

This is no secret – but an often forgotten aspect of giving: bringing a gift to an engagement has the immediate effect of warming the mood and creating a positive environment. The exchange of something can lead to a more open exchange of ideas.

Countless amounts of research have shown that gifting yields positive outcomes, regardless of the type of exchange. Our years of experience, as well as our breadth of cultural and institutional knowledge, ensure that the gift produces just the right mood at the point of exchange.

Celebrating the Culture

In many cultures, gifting is an absolute necessity for certain social situations. It is imperative to fully understand the culture with which you are engaging – whether that culture has norms concerning giving (no one wants to start a meeting by committing a faux pas!) or whether that culture values certain gifts and you would like to communicate that you share the same values.

We’ve worked with dignitaries and business leaders on a global scale for decades. Our unparalleled experience with gifting across the world ensures that our clients’ gifts exceed expectations.

Expressing Gratitude

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for giving is to articulate your appreciation for what someone has done or is going to do. The right gift will demonstrate your esteem and your praise. The right gift creates a visual remembrance of your words.

Our gifts are carefully crafted for timeless beauty and resonance. We want our gifts, and the bonds they form, to live a life beyond the point of giving so that decades later they still evoke powerful emotions.

Subliminal Reminder

The right gift displayed is like the Statue of Liberty, a constant subliminal reminder of the giver and of the bond formed through gifting. It can be the cause of appreciation and conversation with third parties. The gift is a constant recognition of the event and relationship. It is a little part of you ensconced with the recipient at home or in the office.

It is our quest to create for you the very best gift available, appropriate to the budget and occasion. In an era when so many gifts are immediate and often forgotten, we strive to create gifts for our clients that will be treasured and displayed proudly!

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