August 20, 2018

Custom Gift for National Gallery of Art

Corporate gift giving can capture the spirit and idea behind any event, allowing attendees to be reminded of the experience and how much they enjoyed it long after it has ended.


Corporate gift giving can strengthen business relationships and convey appreciation to employees. The opportunities the act of gifting presents are endless.

Tips for Corporate Gift Giving

An event is a perfect time for corporate gift giving as it can help connect your company to the experience. When giving a custom corporate gift, make sure that it reflects the importance of the occasion while honoring the recipient by choosing a gift that:

  • Captures the spirit of the event: By choosing a customized gift you can convey not only thoughtfulness but the central message of the occasion. You could also select a gift themed to reflect the location, such as Washington, DC. Your attendees will remember the experience long after it has ended.
  • Expressing gratitude: A gift should show your appreciation for the recipient’s attendance at the event and the time they contributed.
  • Reflects the budget: The perfect custom gift can be simple or sophisticated. At Keith Lipert all our corporate gifts are unique and cannot be found anywhere else online, so they are not often easily priced by the recipient.

Keith Lipert Corporate Gift Giving for an Event

Our experts can customize your gift to your specific event. A perfect example of one of our corporate gifts is the gift we made to celebrate the National Gallery of Art’s 75th Anniversary. The gift reflects the company and captures the spirit of the event. This item serves as a reminder of the occasion and as a token of the company’s appreciation for their employees.


We look forward to hearing from you at 202-956-9736 about corporate gift giving for your event, soon.