The Founder’s Mentality: Insights into Successful Leaders

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My latest read, The Founder’s Mentality: How to Overcome the Predictable Crisis of Growth, offers an amazing insight into the defining traits of the “founder’s mentality”, behaviors typically embodied by a fearless and determined founder or leader, and why it is such a forceful recipe for success. Breaking Down the Founder’s Mentality Key Traits: Setting… Read more »

The Importance of Meaningful Diplomatic Gifting

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Meaningful Diplomatic Gifting

Diplomats use gifts as a tool to initiate a discussion by creating ‘safe space.’ However, an inappropriate gift can also send the wrong message. When considering a meaningful diplomatic gift, it is imperative to fully understand the culture with which you are engaging. The Experts at Keith Lipert Have Over 30 Years of Experience with Meaningful… Read more »

Custom Promotional Items for Trade Shows

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custom promotional items

Think beyond your typical pen and t-shirt to stand out in a crowded space. At Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we help create unique custom promotional items for trade shows. The experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts have over 30 years of experience assisting both small businesses and multi-national corporations. We can help you pick out… Read more »

Memorable Diplomatic Gifts and Their Impact on Diplomacy

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Diplomatic Gifts

Giving a memorable diplomatic gift is important in encouraging bilateral relations. Not only will a memorable diplomatic gift show respect for the recipient, but for the different cultures and traditions that surround the history of either the recipients or the givers country. It is crucial to make sure that the giver fully understands the culture… Read more »