Meaningful gifts are deeply personal. As such, we would be remiss if we did not take the time to understand who you are, who you are giving to, and why you are giving. Our method always begins with a stage of learning, where we engage you to discover what values, nuances, and intricacies you wish to incorporate into your gift.


Among the myriad of opportunities and possibilities for your gift, there is the one, perfect gift. We take the time to explore your needs and all the possible options to find your ideal gift.


With your budget, needs, and style in mind, we’ll reach out to our collaborators from all over the world to source the very best materials for your gift.  From Italian silversmiths, to Peruvian box-makers, and even American glassmakers, we have long-standing relationships with the highest quality craftsmen that we trust to provide us with exceptional materials on time and on budget.


After deciding on your precise objectives and composition, we begin our tailored, iterative technique to assure that your gift is refined to your exact specifications. From the first stages of drawing and outlining to the final rendition, each step is a careful, measured progression.


Careful attention is given to the presentation of the gift itself. Cultural norms, personal tastes, as well as the circumstances of the occasion, will all dictate the most artful and influential presentation of your gift.

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