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The Significance of Custom Awards

Creating a custom corporate gift as an award can be a meaningful way to show recognition while also capturing the respect the organization or company has for the recipient.

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How to find the perfect award

It can be challenging to choose the right award. It is important to have the gift reflect the importance of the award and honor the recipient.

Custom awards should communicate:

Respect for the recipient: The honoree has dedicated significant time and tireless work to their organization. The award should portray your appreciation for their dedication.

The company mission: Organizations can communicate the theme and mission along with recognizing the place of the event.

Pay homage to the awardee: Corporate gift awards should be personalized to the recipient. The opportunities for language are endless. Choose a custom item that conveys the unique message you want to convey.

Pride: An award should be an item that the individual takes pride in showing off and wants to keep on display. The award should have meaning but also be a reminder to the recipient of a job well done.

An example of one of our custom corporate gifts for an award is the plaque our experts created to honor Ambassador Lee Scott Wolosky from Yemen’s Ambassador, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak. The award portrayed the Ambassador’s deep appreciation for Mr. Wolosky’s outstanding collaboration and efforts throughout their professional work together.

The experts at Keith Lipert have more than 30 years of gifting experience and will help you select an award that conveys the right message and represents your company’s mission.

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