The Power of Diplomatic Gifts in Building Diplomatic Relationships

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Diplomatic Gift

Why Diplomatic Gifts Are Difficult Gifts to Give From the beginning of time, dignitaries and leaders aimed to cultivate beneficial diplomatic relationships by honoring and welcoming each other by exchanging diplomatic gifts. Each particular diplomatic exchange has specific protocol, history and cultural sensitivities to be aware of making thoughtful and appropriate diplomatic gifting a true… Read more »

Gifting for Your Clients: 5 Gifts Under $55

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gifting for clients

Giving corporate gifts to your clients can give you a reason to reach out to them and touch base, without asking anything of them. This gesture alone can speak volumes and help to re-establish ties or refresh a business relationship. Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts will work with you for all your individualized client gifting needs that… Read more »

Celebrate Your Next Event with A Custom Corporate Gift

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Custom Corporate Gift for an Event

Custom corporate gifts for an event can set a positive tone for any business relationship. This is done by helping connect the company to the experience of an event, which can act as a great reminder of how much they enjoyed the occasion. Corporate gifts can also convey a company’s dedication to their employees and a… Read more »

Finding the Ideal Corporate Gift for Your Board Members

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Corporate gifts for Board Members

At Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we understand the importance of choosing a corporate gift for board members. The choice of gift is a sensitive issue and it is crucial to hit the right tone. Our gifting experts can customize corporate gifts for your board members specific to your company and occasion. All our gifts are… Read more »

DC: Choose Memorable Promotional Items for Your Next Trade Show

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Memorable Promotional Items

At Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we help create unique memorable promotional items for trade shows. We’re going beyond your typical t-shirt so you and your business can stand out from the crowd. With over 30 years of experience helping businesses from small to large, the experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts can help you pick out your… Read more »