May 2, 2022

On Wednesday, April 27th, I was honored to be invited to Madelaine Albright’s Memorial held at The National Cathedral in Washington DC. It was a solemn and memorable event. However, it also brought back wonderful memories of her visits to the Gallery. One particular memory was I had found a fabulous broach in Germany which had two doves on an ark. I immediately thought of Madelaine for it. Moreover, it was not expensive, at about $250.00. Then I thought how much better if I could find a friend to give it to her, rather than buy it herself!

At the time, Christiane Amanpour also visited, and her companion Jamie Rubin, Madelaine’s Press Officer, was moving on. So, I suggested that it might be a fabulous going away gift for Jamie to give, which he did! The next time I saw the broach, Madelaine was standing with Prime Minister Barak of Israel and the Palestinian President Arafat at Camp David.

The story had a lovely ending for me when Madelaine invited me to the opening of the exhibit of her pins at the Smithsonian Museum, and not only was the Broach there but also Christiane and Jamie!  Like a flashback, I remembered the entire sequence of events.

What an amazing person. To learn a little more about her life and see some images from her Memorial, please click here.