June 1, 2018

As corporate gift giving becomes a more common practice, how can you maximize the benefits of gifting?Corporate Gift Giving

Why is Corporate Gift Giving Important?

Corporate gift giving allows you to nurture and grow client relationships. However, corporate gifting has become arguably too common around the holidays.

So many companies send holiday gifts to their clients that from the client perspective after the holidays are over it can be hard to remember who sent a gift and who didn’t and furthermore which gift came from where. This in some respects defeats the purpose of corporate gift giving to a client. So the question becomes how can you send a memorable gift to a client that will be something they never forget? Well, there are a few ways to do this.

Tips for Memorable Corporate Gift Giving

  1. Timing: Send your corporate gift to the client at a different time than the holidays when most companies are mass gifting. You may send something small at the holidays, but to really grab their attention it is best to choose another time of significance. This time could be a significant career milestone, a birthday, a religious holiday that is relevant to the client, or an industry-related holiday (such as administrative professional’s day.)
  2. Distinction: Send a unique and distinct corporate gift for the client by choosing an item that they find valuable but one that also reflects your brand personality- so it stands out in their memory as tied to your company.
  3. Mindfulness: Select a corporate gift that is suitable for the entire company’s demographic and which aligns with their corporate culture and mission as well as yours.

At Keith Lipert we understand the challenges of corporate gift giving and we are here to help you through the process of choosing the perfect corporate gift for your client. After all, we’ve been matching companies with the perfect client gifts for over 30 years.

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