Top 5 under $55: Custom Corporate Gifts for the Holiday Season

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holiday corporate gift

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start searching for the perfect holiday custom corporate gift to show your appreciation for your employees, clients, bosses and more. Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts is here to work with you to find the perfect custom corporate gift that meets both your timeline and your individualized needs. How… Read more »

Corporate Gift Giving Guide for Board Members

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Custom Gifts

  Corporate gift giving for board members is a meaningful gesture that won’t go unnoticed. It can be challenging to choose the right gift for board members; our experts can help guide you through the corporate gift giving process.  Why is Corporate Gift Giving Important for Board Members? There are many reasons to give corporate… Read more »

Corporate Gift Giving for the Event

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Custom Gift for National Gallery of Art

Corporate gift giving can capture the spirit and idea behind any event, allowing attendees to be reminded of the experience and how much they enjoyed it long after it has ended.   Corporate gift giving can strengthen business relationships and convey appreciation to employees. The opportunities the act of gifting presents are endless. Tips for… Read more »

The Benefits of Corporate Gift Giving

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Corporate Gift Giving

As corporate gift giving becomes a more common practice, how can you maximize the benefits of gifting? Why is Corporate Gift Giving Important? Corporate gift giving allows you to nurture and grow client relationships. However, corporate gifting has become arguably too common around the holidays. So many companies send holiday gifts to their clients that… Read more »

7 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting is so Important 

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corporate gifting

Corporate Gifting is a Great Way to Show You Care. We work carefully with our clients to ensure that all gifts meet the standards of the situation so that the gift matches the occasion. Corporate gifting can help strengthen the relationship between the two parties. Top 7 reasons corporate gifting can help your business: Creates… Read more »

Holiday Custom Corporate Gift Checklist: 5 gifts under $55

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Prepping for the Holidays: Finding the Perfect Custom Corporate Gift The Holidays are a great opportunity to reach out to our clients and thank them for their friendship and business. The right custom gift is always appreciated. Our choice of gift communicates the time, effort and consideration that went into the selection. The gift’s success has… Read more »