August 28, 2018


Corporate gift giving for board members is a meaningful gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

It can be challenging to choose the right gift for board members; our experts can help guide you through the corporate gift giving process. 

corporate gift giving

Why is Corporate Gift Giving Important for Board Members?

There are many reasons to give corporate gifts to board members most distinctively are:

  1. Showing recognition: Your board members have dedicated significant time and tireless work to the organization. Corporate gifting is a way to recognize their contributions.
  2. Conveying gratitude: It is important to show not only your recognition of the board member’s work but your appreciation for their dedication. The opportunities for language here are endless. Choose a custom item that conveys the unique message you want to send.
  3. Capturing the heart of the company: Reflecting your company’s mission is always appreciated, board members are dedicated to the vision of the organization and turning that into a gift is very special.

Choose Keith Lipert for Your Corporate Gift Giving

After deciding to give custom gifts to your board members, choose a corporate gifting company that you can trust. At Keith Lipert our experts have more than 30 years of gifting experience, and we will help you select a gift that conveys the right message and represents your company’s mission. We offer a wide range of options from a simple business card holder at $1 to sophisticated and personalized items. No matter what you’re looking for all our items are unique and can’t be found anywhere else, so they are not easily priced by the recipient.

A great example of one of our custom corporate gifts for board members is the General Motors plaque created to honor the chairman and executive officer. Through careful personal research, our experts were able to tailor this gift to the recipient by including a quote from the chairman’s past to demonstrate deep, thoughtful appreciation. This personalization connected the chairman to this period in his life and conveyed a strong message.


Start the conversation about corporate gift giving for your board members today and contact Keith Lipert at 202-965-9736.