May 7, 2019

Diplomatic GiftsGiving a memorable diplomatic gift is important in encouraging bilateral relations.

Not only will a memorable diplomatic gift show respect for the recipient, but for the different cultures and traditions that surround the history of either the recipients or the givers country. It is crucial to make sure that the giver fully understands the culture in which you are engaging, to make sure it is properly done. Even a well-meant gift, if inappropriate, can send the wrong message.

The thoughtfulness of your memorable gift helps build rapport and will also allow for a conversational space to be opened for substantive discussions. The right gift can even direct the conversation to the issues that matter.

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Examples of Memorable Diplomatic Gifts

The art of diplomatic gifting has a long history, carrying various meanings and coming in all shapes in sizes.

As discussed on our diplomatic gifts page, perhaps one of the more memorable diplomatic gifts is the giant panda. Since the late 1950s, giant pandas have been gifted from China, and in 1972, following then-US president Richard Nixon’s visit to Beijing, China presented two pandas, Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing, to the United States.

The two animals were then donated by Nixon’s wife, Pat, to the country’s National Zoo in Washington.

China has given many other memorable diplomatic gifts since.

Another example is during a 2009 trip to Beijing, when then-US president Barak Obama received a life-like portrait of the Obama family embordered using silk. The type of craftsmanship used had been in China since the late 1870s and reportedly took three artisans four months to complete.

Read more examples of China’s memorable diplomatic gifts here.

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