May 23, 2019

My latest read, The Founder’s Mentality: How to Overcome the Predictable Crisis of Growth, offers an amazing insight into the defining traits of the “founder’s mentality”, behaviors typically embodied by a fearless and determined founder or leader, and why it is such a forceful recipe for success.

Breaking Down the Founder’s Mentality Key Traits: Setting the Stage for Successful Custom Corporate Gifting

The authors, Chris Zook and James Allen break down the traits into three areas.

  1. Front line obsession for relentless experimentation, frontline empowerment, and customer advocacy
  2. Insurgency for the bold mission, spikiness, and limitless horizons.
  3. The owner’s mindset with a strong focus on cash, a bias for action, and an aversion to bureaucracy.

The book goes on to provide a roadmap for unleashing these attributes and ideas.

At Keith Lipert Coporate Gifting, we have long believed that gifts that celebrate these founders can provide leadership with inspirational stories to share with stakeholders.

Custom Corporate Gifts are Integral Part of Celebrating Achievements

Whether you aim to inspire employees, give clients a nuanced understanding of the company’s history, or provide mementos to board members and senior leadership teams, unique corporate gifts can send a personalized message.

The power behind custom corporate gift giving is fascinating. Imagine something that has the power to give joy and influence relationships between board members, colleagues, leadership, and more.

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The Founder’s Mentality really provides the “business case” for considering the founder’s gift. These great stories can be the key to the DNA, the soul, and spirit of an organization.

There are often great surprises. Who knew that GM as we know it was built by Billy Durant between the years of 1908 -1918! An extraordinary achievement.

Keith Lipert Can Help Realize Custom Corporate Gifts at All Budgets

Here are example gifts which one can celebrate one’s founder:

  • Conrad Hilton, Hilton International, bust
  • William Boeing, Boeing, pewter tray
  • Thomas Watson, IBM, decoupage tray

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