October 15, 2019

Corporate GiftYour employees are critical to running your business. Without them, what you do might not be possible, so we encourage you to take the time to recognize their hard work with a corporate gift for your employees.

Corporate gifts for your employees show appreciation and recognition for work well done.

Recognizing employees for their work goes beyond the scope of reward as it serves to boost retention rates, motivate and increase productivity, and deepen loyalty within organizations.

Gifts can serve as a powerful leadership tool and because of that there are many reasons to give a corporate gift to your employees, such as:

  • Conveying recognition of the employee’s success
  • Conveying respect within the organization and importantly among peers for success
  • Conveying respect for the employee

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Now that you’ve decided to gift your employees, how do you choose what to give them? The experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts can help find the perfect gift for any occasion and budget.

Each solution we look for will:

  • Fit the occasion, accomplishment, or mission: a gift needs to feel personalized to match the occasion for the gift
  • Reflects the thoughtfulness, respect, and appreciation of management: most importantly, a gift should communicate the company leadership’s respect and gratitude of the employees
  • Reflects the culture and demographics of the organization: a gift should exhibit important aspects of your organization and its values
  • Reflects budget set: gifts can range from a simple business card holder at $1.00 to the very sophisticated, we can help find the perfect gift for your employee whatever your budget

An Example of Employee Gifting

One example of our gifting ideas for employees is the Pegasus sculpture, given to the 46,000+ employees of Mobil.

The Chairman of Mobil wished to thank his employees on the completion of the merger with Exxon. He chose a red metal Pegasus, which is the symbol of their company. To those employees, this symbol was very special and connected them to this period in their lives.

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