September 17, 2019

Giving corporate gifts to your clients can give you a reason to reach out to them and touch base, without asking anything of them. This gesture alone can speak volumes and help to re-establish ties or refresh a business relationship.

Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts will work with you for all your individualized client gifting needs that meets both your timeline and budget.

What to Know When Gifting for Clients

At Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we understand that there is a challenge in finding the perfect gift. Our experts can help you find the gift that is a success because it encompasses the following:

  • A personal touch- Send a gift that’s unique to your relationship with your client. Sending a personal message often magnifies the effect of the gift
  • Displays gratitude, respect, and thoughtfulness- It is important that this gift shows how much you value their continued loyalty
  • Tells your story- We can create gifts that share your story with a client, giving them a greater understanding of your value proposition

We can personalize and tailor your corporate gift idea for the client to your unique circumstances.

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5 Gifts Under $55 Your Clients Would Enjoy

A gifts success is based on its thoughtfulness and creativity, not its price tag. These all can be customized to meet your specific gifting needs.

$30 Personalized Bluetooth speaker with any image and logo 

holiday corporate gift          

$20 Customized Birchwood tray

holiday corporate gift

$55 Personalized glass cutting board

holiday corporate gift

$25 DC plate which we can add your building to these monuments

holiday corporate gift

$50 Ceramic tray with any emblem and quote

holiday corporate gift
Whether you are crafting your gift with a specific event in mind, or if you don’t know where to begin, we can help you decide the exact message you want your gift to convey to your client. We are dedicated to meeting your needs on an individualized basis and making sure you are satisfied with the outcome of our efforts.

Let the experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts assist you in finding the perfect gift for your client. Click here to contact us or call us to discuss your needs: (202) 965-9736.