March 15, 2017

“Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and I’ll do better” -Defense Secretary Mattis

I was interested in the recent comments of Defense Secretary Mattis on the practice of torture. In effect, the Secretary of Defense was saying that a well-chosen gift had the power to create an environment where a prisoner was willing to talk and provide vital information of national security importance and that the gesture could achieve what force could not.

What was at work here? We are social beings that respond positively to respect and empathy, whatever the circumstances and that the giving of the gift, often leads to a gesture of giving back. The prisoner only has his knowledge to give, it becomes the reciprocated gift.

This, of course, is an extreme example but it shows the potential power of gifting. It illustrates the dynamic at work when we show thoughtfulness. The gift had the power to shift the mood and the expected outcome of the engagement.

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