July 29, 2019

Corporate gifts for Board MembersAt Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we understand the importance of choosing a corporate gift for board members. The choice of gift is a sensitive issue and it is crucial to hit the right tone.

Our gifting experts can customize corporate gifts for your board members specific to your company and occasion. All our gifts are unique, and not often easily priced online by the recipient because they can’t be found anywhere else.

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Recognize Your Organization Or Company’s Board Members For Their Time Served And Tireless Work With A Custom Corporate Gift.

The experts at Keith Lipert make the process of creating the perfect gift for your board members easy. Each custom gift will help you convey:

Reflection of the Institution

A gift that portrays the vision the board members are striving for is always appreciated. The gift can also capture the “Soul and Culture” of the company.

Recognition of Time Served

Board members go above and beyond to help their organization.  Acknowledge the amount of time they give to a company by giving them a gift that shows appreciation for all the work that they do.

Opportunity for Language

A custom corporate gift gives a company the chance to use language to convey a message of inspiration and gratitude. It can portray a company’s history or a message of leadership.

Examples of Corporate Gifts for Board Members

One example of our unique corporate gifting for board members is the General Motors plaque we created to honor the chairman and executive officer.

Keith Lipert experts made this custom gift exclusive to the chairman by including a unique quote from his past that represented his devotion to the company. This symbol was very distinctive and connected the chairman to this period in his life.

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