December 7, 2017

As we approach the holidays, the familiar stress of finding the perfect gift is impending. Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts is here to work with you to find the perfect custom corporate gift that meets both your timeline and your individualized needs.

custom corporate DC giftCustomization of Your Corporate Gift is Still Possible!

If you think you’ve waited too long to customize your corporate holiday gift, think again. Some customization of your corporate gift is still possible, and at Keith Lipert we are equipped with years of expertise and specialized knowledge, and are ready to work with you on finding your perfect custom corporate DC gift for the holidays.

Contact Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts to find out what options are available for you this holiday season.


Unique Corporate DC Gifts

If you don’t need a customized gift, consider some of our unique gift ideas for this holiday season!

  • Nine Piece Bowl/ Spoon Set: perfect for anyone who loves vibrate colors, organization, and cooking! $55
  • Salt & Pepper Set: with a sleek, classic design, this gift is ideal for any office luncheon. $80
  • Bird Salt & Pepper Set: an adorable gift, also perfect for an office luncheon. $40
  • Mini Chopping Board Set: another great gift for any cooking enthusiast, conveniently organizing each cutting board by its use. $30
  • Silver Decanter: not only is this gift perfect for any wine connoisseur, but it’s extremely sophisticated and useful. $375
  • Pewter Decanter: an alternative gift for wine lovers in the office, equally useful and tremendously tasteful. $160
  • Art Glass Bowl: not only is this gift stylish and sophisticated, it’s perfect for holding candies around the office. $275
  • Champagne Bucket: this incredibly classy and unique gift will undoubtedly convey your deep appreciation for your boss or colleague. $400

If you’re still looking for the perfect DC custom corporate gift, then contact Keith Lipert today!