October 16, 2018

Giving an Appropriate Diplomatic Gift

Gift giving is an art, and never more so than when giving diplomatic gifts, gifts for dignitaries or gifts of state. A diplomatic gift should be thoughtful, have meaning and be considerate of the receiver’s culture and history. It should also represent the giver, and show that careful thought was given in the selection of the gift.

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At Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we’ve been assisting customers in finding the perfect gift for more than three decades.  We’ve worked with presidents, multi-national companies, individuals and everything in between to find the perfect gift for every occasion, including corporate gifts, employee gifts, gifts for board members, gifts for customers, and, of course, diplomatic gifts.

If you are looking for a special diplomatic gift, we are here to help you find a thoughtful and appropriate gift on time and within budget. We have a range of unique items carefully sourced from around the world that can be customized to meet your needs. We can also help you create something one-of-a-kind. After all, you don’t want to find yourself committing a faux pas and landing on a list like this!

According to the State Department’s Website on Diplomatic Gifting:

“A gift of state often captures the essence of a nation, chosen for its ability to exhibit pride in a unique culture and people. Gifts of state may showcase traditions of fine or folk arts, crafts or craftsmanship. They may display wealth in precious stones or metals, fine textiles and apparel. Gifts may draw from a rich heritage of antiques and antiquities or an expressive storehouse of cultural icons. This way the gift becomes more than a mere formality, but a reminder of the special alliance between the gift giver and receiver.”

Diplomatic Gifts

If you need a custom, thoughtful diplomatic gift, consider the experienced team at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts to help you navigate the process.

We believe that gifts are a powerful tool and look forward to helping you find the perfect solution to your diplomatic gifting needs.

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