March 11, 2019

Unique Business GiftsThe power behind custom corporate gift giving is fascinating. Imagine something that has the power to give joy and influence relationships between board members, colleagues, dignitaries and more.

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What about custom corporate gifts has the ability to impact emotions in such a way?

Is it the gift itself, its uniqueness or utility? Is it the consideration behind the gift? Is it the empathy expressed that prompts our appreciation?

Does a thoughtless gift have the opposite effect? For example, does it put distance between, or place a strain on, relationships between parties?

Thought, creativity and generosity are revealed when giving custom corporate gifts. The recipient gets a fuller sense of the giver, including intentions and mindset. It is also a wonderful opportunity to positively shift the mood of a meeting, make a lasting impression or tell a story of culture, history, brand or mission.

A controversial meeting between colleagues can easily transform into what feels like an informal reuniting of old friends. In this “safe space” leaders have the opportunity to assess each other and find common ground.

Conversely, an inappropriate gift, even if well meant, can also send the wrong message. It is crucial to choose a custom corporate gift that invokes the right emotions.

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We’ve created a variety of unique corporate gifts to show appreciation for: 

  • Employees
  • Members of the Board
  • Award recipients
  • Clients
  • Event attendees
  • Customers

Our professionals have experience working with a variety of timelines and budgets.

According to one 2017 survey, Americans spend up to $16 billion a year on holiday gifts that won’t be used.

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