June 19, 2015

us-diplomacy-giftWe were recently privileged to be called upon to create gifts for the grand opening of the new United States Diplomacy Center at the State Department! The Diplomacy Center will celebrate the history of America’s diplomats for the first time! The center will also be educational, by shedding light on “What is Diplomacy”, “Who does diplomacy”, and perhaps most importantly “Why Diplomacy matters!”. There will be many different exhibits within the center as well as a semi inclosed theater providing guests with an orientation to the State Department and its diplomats who work there.

This new exhibit at the State Department is going to be a great dedication to the important and wonderful role diplomacy plays in United States foreign policy. Split up into different halls, the Diplomacy Center will cover all the roles diplomacy has played. Hall 1, will have a wall with all the flags in which the United States government maintains official diplomatic recognition with. That is a lot of gifting needs!

It has been a great honor to have been a part of the diplomatic gifting needs of both the United States and other countries around the world.