December 18, 2018

Gift Giving in Washington, DC

Giving corporate holiday gifts is hard. Giving the perfect corporate holiday gift is even harder. Gift giving in general is so hard, in fact, that the Washington Post set out to try to understand the science behind giving the perfect gift.

According to a recent article posted on the Washington Post:

corporate custom gifts

“Trying to find an ideal gift for a friend or family member, or at least something that won’t end up in the trash, is a perennial source of pre-holiday anxiety.

As it happens, behavioral science can help. After all, gift-giving combines economics and psychology (the exchange of goods plus the complicating desire to affirm or celebrate a personal relationship), and those two academic fields have grown ever more entwined in recent years. So before struggling to sort through the likes, dislikes, quirks and wishes of the people on your holiday lists, you may want to consider some recent findings about which gift-giving strategies work — and which don’t.”

The article goes on to note that:

“Roughly 1 in 3 gift recipients return at least one holiday present, and many more hang on to gifts they don’t like. Knowing a bit about the psychology of gift giving can increase the odds that yours don’t end up in the back of a closet.”

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