September 25, 2017

The Power of Custom Gifts – Washington, DC

The psychology of custom gifts has fascinated me more and more as I ponder its power to give joy and influence relationships.

Just what is it that has the ability to impact our emotions in such a way: Is it the gift itself, its beauty or utility? Is it the consideration and thoughtfulness behind the gift, which moves us? Is it the empathy expressed that triggers our deep appreciation?

Conversely, does a thoughtless gift have the opposite effect? Does it put distance between, or place a strain on relationships between parties?

The gifts we give reveal the thought, creativity, and generosity given. The recipient gets a fuller sense of us, our intentions, and our mindset. It is also a wonderful opportunity to positively shift the mood of a meeting, make a lasting first impression or tell a story of culture, history, brand or mission.

In shifting the mood, the gift can also create a “safe space” for dialogue. A well-chosen gift allows for words of appreciation and discussion around its meaning or making. Sometimes the right gift can provide a comfortable flow into a meeting before the transactional aspects of the meeting take place. A controversial or calculated meeting between colleagues can easily transform into what feels like an informal reuniting of old friends. In this “safe space” leaders have the opportunity to assess each other and find common ground.

Here are just two gift examples, one that speaks to courage and one which speaks to mission. Both gifts will inspire new opportunities for conversation about their history or purpose. The first has been used as a gift reflecting leadership and the second reflecting on trademark and I.P. since our Nation’s founding.

Custom MLK gift   Custom Viacom Gift


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