October 11, 2017

Prepping for the Holidays: Finding the Perfect Custom Corporate Gift

The Holidays are a great opportunity to reach out to our clients and thank them for their friendship and business. The right custom gift is always appreciated.

Our choice of gift communicates the time, effort and consideration that went into the selection. The gift’s success has everything to do with the thoughtfulness, not the expense.

To maximize the impact, holiday gift planning is essential. It allows for…

  • The greatest choice and personalization (By early December, choices dramatically decrease).
  • The best value
  • Best presentation – gift wrapping/lux presentation
  • Best delivery – on time for greatest enjoyment for holidays and after

In this age of instant gratification and internet availability, where clients can go online and see what a gift costs, we like customized, unique gifts that cannot be so easily priced.  Customized gifts reflect time and effort expended, and allow for greater creativity.

Here are “5 gifts under $55” that we love.

All can be customized in wonderful and meaningful ways.

$30 Personalized Bluetooth speaker with any image and logo           

Personalized Bluetooth speaker custom gift

$20 Customized Birchwood tray

Birchwood personalized tray custom gift

$55 Personalized glass cutting board

Personalized glass cutting board custome

$25 DC plate which we can add your building to these monuments

$50 Ceramic tray with any emblem and quote


To explore your custom gift options for the upcoming holidays, start the conversation today.