Custom Diplomatic Gift to Mexico

The Occasion

In February of 2001, President George W. Bush was scheduled for the first diplomatic visit of his presidency, in San Cristobal, Mexico. The administration sought a gift to be presented upon this visit with President Vicente Fox.

The Considerations

As a diplomatic occasion with the added significance of the President’s first foreign visit, we determined the key elements of the gift to be:

  • To reflect the common interests of the two world leaders.
  • To evoke a sense of shared values and history between the two countries.
  • To communicate mutual respect.

The Result

Upon the diplomatic visit of President Bush, Mexican President Fox was presented with an elegant bronze horse. Through careful research of both the histories and personal interests of both men, we learned that they shared a joint interest in horse culture and ranching. As these interests are also integral to the history of both countries and their economies, we decided that an artful representation of this unique bond would best serve the purpose of the occasion. As the proverb goes, “One horse leads, a thousand follow.”

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