December 23, 2014

gen-dempsey-uso-ballFor many years we have been creating gifts for the USO celebrating their Person of the Year award. This award is presented at their gala in October. This year it was awarded to Toby Keith, previous year’s winners included Admiral Mullen, General Jim Jones, and General Richard Myers. At the Gala this year I got a chance to talk to General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which was a great honor, as we create gifts for him as well! Along with the USO we also create recognition awards for TAPS, which helps the families of veterans fallen in war. They are making such a difference.

My father in law retired as a Colonel in the Marines, having served in Korea,Vietnam and around the World. His service has inspired me and made me particularly aware of the Military family and it’s unique challenges. So I am engaged with my Trade Association the NRF to increase opportunities for returning veterans in finding fulfilling careers in Retail.These careers can range from cyber security and logistics to team management,finance and marke