December 11, 2018

Whatever your gifting needs be, the experts at Keith Lipert can help with your Chicago custom corporate gift.

It seems that every year it becomes harder and harder to find a custom corporate gift that will prove not only useful but unique and personalized, to express your appreciation. With a diverse mix of businesses, picking out a corporate gift that fits the occasion, the recipient and the company culture can be difficult. At Keith Lipert, our gifting experts can help you choose the perfect Chicago custom corporate gift, personalizing and tailoring it to meet your unique circumstances.

Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts has been helping clients in Chicago choose corporate gifts for over 30 years.

We’ve helped create a variety of corporate gifts for:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Members of the Board
  • Awards
  • Customers/Swag

From one to tens of thousands of gifts, we have a highly curated collection of items hand-selected from around the world that you can get ‘as-is’ or customize to your specifications.

We can also help you create a completely custom and unique corporate gift from the ground up.

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The Importance of Chicago Custom Corporate Gifts

Gifts are a powerful tool for businesses, and we believe there are many reasons to give special corporate gifts, such as to:

  • Reflect an occasion, accomplishment, or mission: A gift needs to feel personalized to match the time and reason for the gift.
  • Motivate cooperation: Custom corporate gifts can enhance diplomatic and corporate relationships, paving the way to good-natured agreements.
  • Deepen relationships between people: Whether it’s a single gift for a board member or thousands of employees, a unique, custom corporate gift expresses thoughtfulness and appreciation.
  • Advertise: Create memorable, useful and fun swag to stand out from the crowd and keep your company top of mind for your consumers

Restricted Budget or Timeline for Your Chicago Corporate Gift?

Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts can help. We can work on tight timelines and within a variety of budgets. Additionally, we can also help you create a more extravagant custom corporate gift for an extra special occasion.

Our gifts range from simple business card holders to sophisticated and uniquely personalized items that reflect something unique about your business.

Chicago Corporate Gift Examples

Chicago Custom Corporate Gift Chicago Custom Corporate Gift Chicago Custom Corporate Gift Chicago Custom Corporate Gift


Let our years of knowledge, vast resources, and careful research help you create a meaningful and unique Chicago corporate gift.

If you need a  custom corporate gift in Chicago, contact the experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts today: click here to contact us or call (202) 965-9736.