November 15, 2019

Custom giftAs the holiday season approaches, you have a lot on your plate, and by the time you get around to shopping for your clients or employees, your creativity may be running low.

The last thing you want to do is give a gift no one will remember or appreciate. At Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we can ensure you give a custom gift as a memorable keepsake that your clients and employees will treasure.

Do you need to create a memorable keepsake this holiday season?

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Successful Custom Gifts Can Build Positive Relationships with a Memorable Keepsake.

We can do the heavy lifting and help create a memorable gift, quickly and efficiently, which speaks to the special connection you have with the recipient

When they receive a gift that is a true heartfelt keepsake, not a disposable gift, they’ll remember it and your thoughtfulness.

What to consider when choosing a customized gift:

  • Timeline–We frequently work with clients on varying timelines and we can create something that is well thought out and has meaning.
  • Price– Don’t let price be the issue holding you back from a memorable gift. We can find a gift for budgets of all sizes. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable!
  • Creativity– Think of something that will speak to your recipient and has some sort of significance behind it. If your team went on a corporate trip this year, consider reflecting on that trip and giving something in reference to it. For example, you could give them a gift that references the places you went and what you did. We can walk you through how to best display and come up with an idea that is creative and meaningful.

Let the experts at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts help you create a custom gift so you can give a memorable keepsake this year.

We’ve been assisting our clients for decades by helping them to enhance corporate and diplomatic relationships through a more thoughtful approach to gift-giving. We will help you design a creative gift that fits the tone of your relationship and generates warmth among parties.

Contact us online or give us a call today at (202) 965-9736 to discuss your needs and we’ll help you find the perfect customized gift your recipients will love.