November 26, 2019

With your company holiday party on the horizon, you want to ensure you give a special corporate Christmas gift. Whether it’s for your CEO, Board Members, or employees, we have great options for you to choose from and can help you create something completely original. Our goal is to help you find something that stands out and is a gift that your recipient will be eternally grateful for.

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Make a Positive Impression This Year with these Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas:







Paperweight ($35)– Simple but useful and decorative. Paperweights make a great addition to anyone’s office. There are plenty of ways to customize a paperweight, and it’s a simple gift that still shows you took the time to create something for your recipient.

Cutting Board






Cutting Board ($55)– This is something your recipient will see every time they cook or can be displayed in their home. There are endless opportunities to customize the appearance. 

Battery Charger







3 in 1 Battery Charger ($55)- Useful and practical! The next time they’re out hiking, on the beach, or on a trip, they’ll think of you and be thankful for the thoughtful gift you gave them.







Shaker ($110)– This plane shaker is a fun way to “Take off” for a great party.









Bust ($125)– “Celebrate with George!” Alternatively, we can create a bust of your inspiring leader/founder. This gift will certainly get pride of place at home or office.









Bluetooth Speaker ($145)- You can listen to music in your home or office with this customizable Bluetooth speaker. Crank up the music, start the party! This gift can be customized with your company logo or art, and can be enjoyed by the recipient when they play music in their home, office, or on a trip.

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