March 1, 2019

From the beginning of time, dignitaries and leaders aimed to cultivate beneficial diplomatic relationships by honoring and welcoming each other by exchanging gifts. While it’s so important, giving a diplomatic gift is full of pitfalls, as evidenced by the numerous press articles that are written each time a well-meant gift misses the mark. Need a diplomatic… Read more »

Diplomatic Gift Example

February 12, 2019

Keith Lipert Shares His Thoughts in Personal Introduction for BJSS’ Concrete Comparisons Report Keith Lipert was asked by BJSS, a leading global consultancy firm based in the UK, to write a personal introduction to their Concrete Comparisons report, which assessed New York’s newest and most advanced retail concepts for their use of technology adoption. This… Read more »

custom corporate gifts

January 23, 2019

Custom corporate gifts can strengthen business relationships and convey your appreciation for the recipient. At Keith Lipert, we tailor gifts to your individual needs, creating endless opportunities for the act of gifting. Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts has been helping clients customize corporate gifts for over 30 years. We’ve created a variety of corporate gifts to… Read more »

Custom Gift Corporate Closing

January 17, 2019

Gifting is a wonderful way to communicate thanks, respect, or comradeship and can pave the way to success in the workplace. In order to create the perfect custom corporate gift in San Francisco, tailored to your individual needs, we design bespoke gifts. This means that your unique wants are assessed at each step in the process… Read more »

Custom Corporate Gift San Francisco

December 18, 2018

Gift Giving in Washington, DC Giving corporate holiday gifts is hard. Giving the perfect corporate holiday gift is even harder. Gift giving in general is so hard, in fact, that the Washington Post set out to try to understand the science behind giving the perfect gift. According to a recent article posted on the Washington… Read more »

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