December 18, 2018

Gift Giving in Washington, DC Giving corporate holiday gifts is hard. Giving the perfect corporate holiday gift is even harder. Gift giving in general is so hard, in fact, that the Washington Post set out to try to understand the science behind giving the perfect gift. According to a recent article posted on the Washington… Read more »

corporate custom gifts

December 13, 2018

Gifting is a wonderful way to communicate thanks, respect, or comradeship and can pave the way to success in the workplace. In order to create the perfect custom corporate gift, tailored to your individual needs, we design bespoke gifts. This means that your unique wants are assessed at each step in the process of bringing… Read more »

holiday corporate gift

December 12, 2018

Corporate gift giving for board members is a meaningful way to show you care this holiday season. It can be challenging to choose the right holiday gift for board members, our experts at Keith Lipert can help guide you through the holiday corporate gift-giving process. Your board members have dedicated significant time and effort to their organization. Holiday… Read more »

Custom Gifts

December 11, 2018

Whatever your gifting needs be, the experts at Keith Lipert can help with your Chicago custom corporate gift. It seems that every year it becomes harder and harder to find a custom corporate gift that will prove not only useful but unique and personalized, to express your appreciation. With a diverse mix of businesses, picking… Read more »

December 7, 2018

Gifting is a wonderful tradition that can convey a message of respect, diplomacy or comradeship and pave the way to success in the workplace. Houston, Texas has a diverse corporate vibe: from energy to manufacturing, picking out a corporate gift that fits the occasion, the recipient and the company culture can be difficult. Keith Lipert… Read more »

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