June 26, 2019

Trade show & promotional giveaway items are essential to any conference or convention. The perfect products can attract the right people to start a conversation and stand out from your competition. Think beyond pens and t-shirts because at Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts, we will help you create custom swag. Make Your Best Impression with High-Quality… Read more »

Corporate Gift

June 21, 2019

Custom corporate gifting for clients is good for business. Through gifting you can show a kindhearted gesture that can re-establish ties or refresh a business relationship. A gift to your clients also gives you a reason to reach out to them without asking for anything in return. Deliver the Benefits of Your Business by Gifting… Read more »

Custom Corporate Gifting for Clients

May 23, 2019

My latest read, The Founder’s Mentality: How to Overcome the Predictable Crisis of Growth, offers an amazing insight into the defining traits of the “founder’s mentality”, behaviors typically embodied by a fearless and determined founder or leader, and why it is such a forceful recipe for success. Breaking Down the Founder’s Mentality Key Traits: Setting… Read more »